Brew Foods Perfectly Paired Program


We provide seasonings, displays and cross promotions that make it easy to increase sales and profits

Brew Foods® Seasonings

Simply replace the salt to create flavored, fresh-made tortilla chips – delicious ‘pairing snacks’ made to enjoy with beer!

Merchandising Support

We provide pairing recommendations for fresh-made chips and beer, and mobile displays that will attract and delight your shoppers.

Cross Promotion

Our team can work with beer suppliers to create promotions and a continuity program that keeps shoppers coming back for more.


Our consumer research and Chicago test market have confirmed that pairing beer with flavored tortilla chips has strong shopper appeal. 

Beer drinkers love tortilla chips

  • 86% purchase tortilla chips at least once every two weeks1
  • 51% purchase fresh-made tortilla chips once every two weeks1
  • 89% would purchase new Brew Foods® fresh-made tortilla chips1

Cross-merchandising beer and salty snacks generates incremental sales

  • Only 24% of grocery shoppers enter the beer aisle2
  • 53% of women shop beer displays2
  • 9% sales lift when products are displayed together3
  • 1 Quantitative online research study; Goldmarks Co., May, 2020
  • 2 Behavior Poll, 2019; Anheuser-Busch research study
  • 3 Venkatesh Shankar, Texas A&M Coleman Chair Professor in Marketing; Store shelf strategy; August, 2010


We are beer and salty snack enthusiasts and marketers. We provide Brew Foods® seasonings and Perfectly Paired® cross promotions to generate shopper excitement and incremental sales.

In 2016, we completed a test market to validate consumer appeal. Brew Foods® flavored tortilla chips were sold in over 100 retail stores and bars located in the Chicago market.

Today, we have several great partners to produce Brew Foods® seasonings and maintain our Perfectly Paired® displays.